Vista Royal, the place to be for the best investment proposition on CuracaoPalmstone Real Estate

The prices of villas and plots in Vista Royal have increased on average by approximately 10% per year over a period of the past 12 years, without any interim price decrease.

Over the past 2 years, the prices of villas in this area have even increased by an average of 15-25% per year. The lot prices even average 40% per year.

The reason for this is an increasing scarcity of building plots in combination with an annually increasing tourist occupation. Jan Thiel is the popular tourist destination of 80% of the annual Dutch visitors.

In the past year we have seen Curacao’s international fame explode with American and Canadian tourists. The share of international holidaymakers increased from 20% to 30% in 2022. And while Curacao is currently still among the 30% cheapest holiday destinations in the Caribbean, with this latest development it is expected to become an increasingly expensive holiday destination in the near future, resulting in rising night prices and higher rental income for the smart real estate investor. This has resulted in a continued price increase of touristic real estate.

Palmstone Real Estate is the market leader for buying and selling touristic real estate in Jan Thiel and in particular the part of Jan Thiel that borders directly on the sea; the now famous Jan Thiel Beach with the prominent residential area “Vista Royal”.

Did I mention how nice it is to own a villa in Jan Thiel? An excellent return on capital is guaranteed and you are assured of your (free) sun holidays!

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