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Curacao is an island with a tropical climate and is located in the southern region of the Caribbean, about 40 miles from the Venezuelan coast. The island belongs to the Kingdom of the Netherlands, just like the neighboring islands of Aruba and Bonaire, which is why they are also called the ABC islands.

With 155,000 inhabitants, Curacao is the largest island of the three, both in terms of area and population. It is an island with a history and an authentic culture. The spoken language is Papiamento, but English and Dutch are also spoken.

Curacao is also the most versatile island, which is evident from the beautiful, natural beaches that are located in pleasant bays such as Cas Abou or Grote Knip and a few kilometers away are cultivated beaches such as “Mambo Beach” or “Jan Thiel Beach” with numerous Beach clubs, shops, restaurants and hotels.

Willemstad offers a lot of entertainment in recently completely in original state renovated neighborhoods such as Pietermaai and Seri Otrobanda with live music, murals and cozy squares. It is also called the Cartier Latin of the southern Caribbean. But here you will also find the ultra trendy restaurant annex beach club “Saint Tropez”. The tropical nightlife does not go unnoticed and organized parties take place several days a week in the numerous Beach clubs on the island.