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The distinctive broker in Curacao

At Palmstone Real Estate, we are a distinguished international brokerage, deeply versed in the nuances of real estate investments, contractual intricacies, and property law, with a particular focus on Curacao’s upscale housing market. Our portfolio showcases an exquisite collection of villas, apartments, and prime building plots situated in Curacao’s most enchanting locales. Beyond property acquisition, we extend a suite of bespoke services encompassing investment advisory, purchase facilitation, rental management, and property valuation. Are you aspiring to immerse yourself in Curacao’s dynamic lifestyle while relishing its serene ambiance? Palmstone Real Estate is here to guide you through your journey as your dedicated real estate partner in Curacao.


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    Palmstone Real Estate: your premier international brokerage with expertise in Curacao

    Boasting over two decades in the international property market, Palmstone Real Estate emerges as the premier choice for those seeking a real estate broker in Curacao. Our ethos is anchored in transparency, integrity, and a commitment to responsibility. We go beyond the norm to provide personalized services and unwavering dedication to our clients, a crucial aspect of our focus on the high-end housing market. Whether you’re in the market for a luxurious apartment, an elegant villa, or a prime building plot, Palmstone Real Estate stands ready as your dedicated brokerage in Curacao. Our team, meticulously selected for their education and experience, leverages cutting-edge technologies to facilitate your ideal property acquisition in Curacao.

    Our expertise extends beyond property acquisition. As your go-to brokerage in Curacao, Palmstone Real Estate also specializes in property rental, sales, valuations, and real estate investments. We pride ourselves on being a comprehensive, full-service brokerage with specialized knowledge, distinguishing ourselves as the go-to real estate authority in Curacao.


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    Experiencing Curacao through a renowned international brokerage

    Curacao beckons with the promise of an idyllic lifestyle, where owning a holiday home, engaging in prime investment opportunities, or leasing out your villa or apartment becomes a reality. Discover properties in the picturesque Jan Thiel, an area celebrated for its renowned Caracas Bay, rich cultural heritage, and the famous Jan Thiel Beach. This destination is a hub of tourist activities, boasting an array of water sports, diverse dining options, chic beach clubs, quaint shops, fitness facilities, spas, and even a casino. It’s the perfect spot for beach relaxation and leisure. Notably, Jan Thiel Beach is the preferred choice for nearly 80% of Dutch tourists visiting Curacao. The nearby Vista Royal neighborhood has rapidly grown into a highly sought-after villa park, attracting a steady flow of tourists. Additionally, explore our exclusive selection of unique villas, apartments, and building plots in the scenic locales of Santa Barbara, Blue Bay Beach, and Coral Estate. For a comprehensive view of our Curacao property listings for sale and rent, please visit our respective online portfolios.


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    A home in Curaçao – be it a villa, apartment, or your own building plot, whether for rental purposes or personal use – is a dream that can come true. Choose Palmstone Real Estate as your distinctive international real estate agent in Curaçao, and we will embark on the journey with you to find a property that aligns with your desires, needs, and intended usage. Whether you want to sell an existing property, rent it out, or are interested in real estate investments in Curaçao, feel free to contact us via email or phone, and we’ll be happy to assist you further.


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